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  • Heather Stewart

So what's holding you back from achieving your perfect shape?

Is it your age? Is it your size? Is it your joints? Is it your family and friends? Is it your mindset?

The beauty with this new lifestyle - it suits and is appropriate for everyone. There are some folk who may need support from their doctor as their health improves and they need less medications with time. This is not a substitute to your doctor's support. However I know you are going to feel amazing and your doctor will be equally impressed. And this fasting lifestyle will work without exercise. While I agree that exercise is good for everyone, sometimes there are health issues that stop exercise from being an option. Know that you can still achieve your goals without exercise. As part of the RTT session, we will review what is holding you back from becoming the Ultimate You, smash those beliefs and launch you on this exciting new adventure. And I am happy to help you with this, as you want. I have mountains of wonderful resources to point you to - so you don't need to just take my word for it. Book a free Discovery Call to see what the adventure to the new you will look like. Namaste. Heather. RTT Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.

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