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  • Heather Stewart

Your New Easy Slimming Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I can hear you thinking – what is she on about? How can I truly EAT WHATEVER I want and still lose weight? And feel Amazing? Save Money? Free up My Time? Have you ever found that as soon as you say to yourself – ‘I can’t eat something’ that you then get fixated on that ‘something’ and find yourself eating and craving more of that forbidden food – the denying yourself of it makes the desire for it even stronger? Me too! So, be reassured with this strategy, you NEVER have to deny yourself anything, not that glass of wine, or beer, or chocolate cake, or chips, you simply delay WHEN you have it. It’s all about the Timing of when You Eat. It’s not a fixed structured process either – actually it works even better if you mix up the timing of when you eat! And it’s a process we naturally do every day when we go to sleep. So the Secret is the Timing around Break-Fast. Sometimes it is at the usual time, and other times later. It is a subject I have been studying extensively for over a year. My other half and I have implemented the strategies and it is now our lifestyle. I myself have dropped 4 dress sizes so far and chubby hubby has lost 12 inches off his waist. And food has gone from enjoyable to yummy and delicious! We are about half way to our desired shape and loving the journey and adventure. So if you want to find out more, make a Free Discovery Call so I can share the how to and how RTT can help remove any emotional or mental blocks to your new lifestyle. Cheers, Heather

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